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The winners of Geek Media Awards 2021 have been announced

Game of the year for begginers Winner — «Paranormal Detective» by Lucky Duck Games (Hobby World). Nominees — «Neuro Race» by Tema Brew and «Unmatched. Battle of Legends» by Restoration Games (GaGa Games). Recomendations: Sakura by Ospprey Games (Fabrika Games) Draftosaurus Azul. Summer Pavillion by Plan B games (Zvezda). Family Game of the year Winner […]

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It’s time to sum up the results of our Viewers’ Choice contests. Today we’re going to have a live stream where we’d like to talk to you about board games, discuss the Geek Media Awards, show you what cool awards the games will win, and, of course, raffle off prizes for the videos you’ve sent […]

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